Hi! I’m Liz, a Junior at Pace University in New York City majoring in Communications with a double minor in Journalism and Digital Media Studies. I am currently studying abroad in Rome, Italy where I am taking in as many experiences and cultures as possible. Here, you can find anything wellness, travel, and New York related, as well as my editorial portfolio. Within my portfolio, you can find pieces from my past internships and experiences. This includes my time as a Content Intern at Ollie, a company that delivers human-grade natural dog food, in addition to my articles published on The Odyssey Online.

As you can probably tell, I love anything travel, health and wellness related and, even more so, love writing about it. Ever since I moved to New York to start pursuing my career, I realized I wanted my future to involve a great deal of writing and reporting about topics I am passionate about. Here, I do just that.