The Membership-Based Wellness Practice That Is Changing Lives: Parsley Health

“Primary care is broken,” says Robin Berzin, M.D., founder of Parsley Health to Forbes Magazine. As a physician, a leader in functional medicine, and an expert in health, Berzin founded Parsley Health in 2016 with a set mission:  to “…[redefine] primary care with a root-cause, whole person approach and a focus on data, technology, and real doctor-patient relationships.”

via Parsley Health

The membership-based organization has locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with even more to come in the future. According to Macaela MacKenzie from Forbes, WeWork buildings are Parsley Health’s host in terms of office locations, making Parsley Health “…the only operational medical practice ever allowed onsite.”

Inside the Doctor’s Office

MacKenzie also mentions a report that found physicians only hold visits for an average of 12-16 minutes, while Parsley Health enables 50-minute meetings. This allows members to not so much, get treated, but also define the root cause of their health issue. As mentioned before, this is unlike any other modern-day primary care, where we all just end up getting referred to someone or our surface issues fixed rather than not the underlying issue.

“One thing that has remained constant has been the mission of Parsley Health, which is simply to make the world well by helping people prevent and reverse lifestyle-driven chronic disease.” –Danica Trapara from Parsley Health

This redefined version of primary care seems to be working considering it gained 4 times the number of members in 2017 and was able to open up 2+ locations.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the core value behind this company, which is when it focuses on the root cause of a health issue rather than only treating the symptom. It also prioritizes its members, unlike any other modern-day health care which is made for insurers.

NYC Wellness Center

Recently, Parsley Health opened up its latest office on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Lauren Valenti from Vogue describes it as a “…light-filled Manhattan space [that] feels more like a trendy café or a millennial members-only club than a doctors’ office.” The idea of community at Parsley Health’s office is also emphasized since appointments are not necessary, explains Valenti.

“It’s a space that doesn’t look anything like a doctors’ office because we didn’t want it to.” –Robin Berzin, M.D.

Parsley Health also has an article section on their website that regards all things wellness – from mindful eating to seed cycling. So, even non-members are able to receive the health and wellness advice and news they need to obtain their healthiest versions of themselves. Who wouldn’t want that?

Learn more about Parsley Health’s membership options.

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