This Newly Innovated Toothbrush Alters Morning Routines Nationwide

Apparently, you’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes. At least that’s what electric toothbrush company, Quip, is promoting through their sleek designed and timed toothbrushes.

These electric toothbrushes are changing the way individuals manage their dental hygiene. Morning routines are growing to something much more. The concept of brushing your teeth has been reinvented. This is exactly what this startup company aimed for when creating the most effective and affordable dental care that can be delivered straight to your door.

Quip Features

When you purchase your starter kit you receive not only the electric toothbrush itself, but also its multi-use cover and mount, as well as a large tube of toothpaste. The bristles are known to be “…super soft, and never feel scratchy or painful, ever.” The vibration effect has four, 30 second intervals to ensure you reach every nook and cranny, while running on just a AAA battery that lasts 3 months – the same 3 months you need before replacing your brush head.

via Quip
‘Refreshed on Time’ from Quip

Growing Its Market

According to Mathew Boyle from Bloomberg, Quip sold its one millionth toothbrush back in October 2018. Who knew a company that sells toothbrushes could have a fan base? Boyle also mentions that the toothbrush startup has recently been placed on Target shelves. “Moving into Target gives Quip the chance to connect with a broader audience,” says founder and CEO of Quip, Simon Enever. By migrating his online company to a physical location that aims for the same target (pun-intended) audience, Enever can reach an audience much larger than what he has already gained.

not to be weird, but @haleyannallen got me a @getquip toothbrush and it has kind of changed my life? i didn’t know i could love a toothbrush this much.

— em (@___emily____) December 19, 2018

Quip is a “…fantastic electric toothbrush for travel because you don’t need to pack a bulky charger; the brush uses AAA batteries,” says Lia Garcia from The Washington Post.

“With most people only hearing from their dentist once every couple of years, it is that regular 3-monthly touch point that quip can provide dentists that can become a really powerful tool, helping improve the bond between patient and professional, and provide patients with the ongoing, customized support they need.” – Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein

Next time your dentist asks if you brush for two minutes, you won’t have to lie.

Click here to buy your starter set.

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