Smoothie For The Skin

As a part of the skin clearing kick I’ve been tackling, I developed a super simple recipe made just for your skin! Because of the high amount of omega 3 and EPA which help regulate the oil production in your skin, this smoothie will promote perfectly hydrated skin! There is also some vitamin E in there as well, which acts as an anti-aging nutrient!

Ingredients include to following:

  • One avocado (Omega-3)
  • A small handful of spinach & kale (Vitamin E)
  • A few strawberries
  • Hemp seeds (Omega-3)
  • Chia seeds (Omega-3)
  • Flax seeds
  • Coconut milk (I just eye-ball it)
  • 1/4 cup of Pea protein powder
  • About 4 ice cubes!

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